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Welcome to Frederic Blondeel's Chocolate Blog, exploring artisan chocolate, single origin chocolate, organic chocolate, raw chocolate, cocoa roasting, chocolate recipes and more!

Frederic Blondeel chocolates are handcrafted freshly in Belgium every day. From bean to bar, our chocolate masters monitor every step of chocolate making and uses only on the finest ingredients around the world as we strive for a genuine, natural taste.


For example, the finest varieties of hazelnuts are sourced from Piedmont, sea salt are from the coast of France, Vanilla from Madagascar, Coffee from Guatemala. We only use cocoa beans from best producers in Madagascar, Ghana, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Peru, Venezuela, and Vietnam as well.


Unlike other chocolatier, Frederic Blondeel roasts its own cocoa beans; we are a true bean-to-bar chocolatier! After cocoa beans are fermented naturally, they are slow roasted perfectly to reveal all of the cocoa flavors, which is a challenging and complicated process. Unlike other chocolatier, Frederic Blondeel takes this as an opportunity to hightlight the beans' flavor and combine them with different ingredients to create innovative chocolates!



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